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Winogradksy columns

Winogradksy columns
'In the field of observation, chance only favors the prepared mind' Pasteur 1854

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

University of Thessaly
Group number: 20 (Papadopoulou Aikaterini-Papaioannou Evangelia-Anna)
Day number: 87
Incubation: Dark


Hello to everyone,

              Bellow we are presenting you the development of our experinment.

  • 49th day (9-5-16):

                                                               Figure 1                                                     Figure 2

  • 52th day (12-5-16):

                                                           Figure 3                                                     Figure 4

  • 56th day (16-5-16):

                                                           Figure 5                                                       Figure 6

  • 59th day (19-5-16):

                                                              Figure 7                                                      Figure 8

  • 63th day (23-5-16):

                                                    Figure 9                                                         Figure 10


  • 66th day (26-5-16):

                                                                     Figure 11                                                   Figure 12

  • 70th day (30-5-16):

                                                                    Figure 1                                                     Figure 14

On the 49th day of the experiment (Fig.1, Fig.2) no significant changes were observed in both the liquid phase and in the pellet compared to previous times. 
On the 52th day of the experiment there was a decline of the crust on the surface (Fig. 4), while the 56th and 59th day (Fig. 6, Fig. 8) does not exist at all. In both of these measurements, the liquid phase showed a lighter color while the residue did not show any significant change (Fig. 5, Fig. 7). 
On 63th day of the experiment the only change that was observed in the water column where the color became was darker (Fig.9) and the surface, where recurrence of the crust was observed (Fig.10). The reasons why we are seeing this phenomenon has been reported in a previous post. 
The 66th and the 70th day of the experiment (Fig.11, Fig.12, Fig.13 and Fig. 14) no significant changes were observed. All that appears to have little change was the water column, which had a darker color than the previous measurement. 
Notably the odor was relatively low in all the above measurements. 

            We will make a new announcement when something change.


  1. for some reason we cannot see the pictures!!! Or is it just me???

  2. Nope... me too. Maybe too many pictures and it is slow to load? Try to reduce the size.

  3. I think that you can also edit the post and reduce the number of observations. Every three days, we do not expect to see any noticeable changes.

    Be careful with the use of the term "colony". Please look it up. This is a recurrent mistake.